2022's Best American Whiskeys to Give Whiskey Lovers

Wild Turkey Rye

The Russell's in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, has been making whiskey for a much longer than most other companies. Three generations strong, Jimmy, Eddie, and Bruce Russell are all experts of their trade and well-known for producing popular whiskeys like Russell's Reserve Single Barrel, Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, and others. Despite this, few people have nearly as much familiarity with rye whiskeys, especially the well-known Wild Turkey Rye 101.

Being a huge fan of rye, Bruce Russell, the third generation running Wild Turkey, is about to take over the distillery. So it only makes sense that I'd suggest their 101 Rye whiskey, which is my personal favorite in the Wild Turkey rye portfolio. This whiskey, which is 50.5% alcohol by volume, has a lot of sweetness and fruit on the scent and a sophisticated and gratifying rye kick on the palate and finish. One of the best unseen bargains of the year, it is priced just a few steps away from outright theft.

This Christmas season, Wild Turkey 101, Rye is a must-have whiskey, whether you're making a houseful of Manhattans or seeking for something sophisticated and easy to enjoy on the rocks.

Barrell Craft Spirits Single Barrel Rye “Topflight Selection”

Rye whiskey deserves such an honorable introduction more than any other liquor.
These whiskeys' mashbills must include at least 51% rye, but this percentage is usually much higher. Rye is frequently praised for the complexity it adds and its capacity to shine even at earlier ages, bringing robust spice, clove, and pepper notes. Age is irrelevant in this case because the genetics of Barrell's Single Barrell Rye have been aged for seven years. The Topflight team at ReserveBar specifically chose this one barrel, making this release limited and exclusive.

Barrell Craft Spirits uses an innovative method for sourcing and bottling whiskeys, choosing to leave them as unaltered as possible. The whiskeys are then bottled at barrel proof. This release is a home run whether you're new to whiskey and looking to treat yourself or have found yourself searching for gift ideas for whiskey fans.

Topflight is a brand-new Reservebar program that spotlights distinctive and sought-after single barrels from distilleries all around the nation. Gaining access to some of the most sought-after store picks in the nation has recently been a boom for whiskey aficionados as the popularity of barrel picks and private selections continues to climb. By traveling the nation and choosing barrels from top distilleries coast to coast, the ReserveBar crew takes the uncertainty out of choosing new distilleries and single barrels.

Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Rye

One of the most modern, high-tech distilleries of the decade is operating in Louisville, Kentucky, just a short drive to the south of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
Rabbit Hole Distillery, located in the heart of Louisville's downtown, has been in operation since 2012, but recently, it has only increased the amount of whiskey it produces there. The environmentally friendly building is a display of art, science, chemistry, design, architecture, and, most significantly, whiskey.

Highgold, Cavehill, and Dareringer reflect all elements of bourbon releases, and Rabbit Hole already offers a carefully curated assortment of whiskeys. But Boxgrail, a rye, is waiting in the wings. Boxergrail is a peppery, aromatic, and fruit-forward rye that combines quality, affordability, and availability—all crucial factors in today's whiskey market. When it comes to the style and presentation of Rabbit Hole's whiskeys, there are no rivals that can stand tall on the shelf.

Rabbit Hole, a more recent entry into the world of whiskey, is certain to quickly become well-known among both ardent and casual drinkers. They are the ideal present for whiskey drinkers of any background for the time being, while they are still a little beneath the radar.

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