Appleton Estate Expands Hearts Collection

Jamaican rum brand Appleton Estate has added 1993 and 2002 vintages to its limited edition Hearts Collection.

The series of rare limited edition rums was released in 2020 in partnership with rum expert Luca Gargano. The expressions have sold out in minutes in several locations, the brand said. The Hearts Collection comprises the 1994, 1995, 1999, 1983 and 2006 vintage rums, which were each distilled in a Forsyths pot still. The sixth and seventh additions to the rare Hearts Collection are 1993 and 2002, which were selected from just 13 and 20 barrels respectively. Master blender Joy Spence chose the barrels from a selection of nearly 200,000 barrels ageing in Appleton Estate’s warehouses in Jamaica. The 1993 vintage was aged for 29 years, while the 2002 expression was aged for 20 years. “Rums aged in tropical climates develop richer, fuller flavours much more quickly than spirits aged at cooler climates, so when you taste a rum aged for more than 20 years like our new releases from the Hearts Collection, it’s a really extraordinary experience,” said Spence. “I had long dreamed of releasing single vintage selections from Appleton Estate, so it’s been amazing to see the warm reception the Hearts Collection releases receive year after year, all around the world.” The 1993 bottling offers aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon, alongside hints of mint, warm butterscotch, toasted oak and honeyed vanilla. Meanwhile, the 2002 rum brings orange blossoms on the nose wrapped with molasses, warm vanilla, medium roasted coffee and caramel, with a rich, smooth honeyed taste on the palate. The Hearts Collection 1993 and 2002 will be available in select spirits retailers globally from February 2023, including Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Singapore, Japan and Jamaica. Italian firm Campari Group purchased the Appleton Estate brand in 2012.

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