Blue Run Flight Series

This is the beginning of Blue Run's Flight Series, a collection of small-batch whiskeys that will now be issued twice a year.
The first launch contains six expressions:

Blended from three barrels, 57.6% Alpine Meadows (594 bottles)

Blended from three barrels, 56.55%, Parisian Pâtisserie (684 bottles)

Blended from two barrels, 57.6%, is Seattle Downpour (390 bottles)

Blended from three barrels, Lahaina Luau contains 54.8% (726 bottles)

Blended from five barrels and 59% (1,056) bottles, Washington Apple Orchard

Blended from three barrels, 55.15% ABV, and 636 bottles for the Marrakech Market.

Jim Rutledge, the liquid advisor at Blue Run, contracts with Castle & Key to distill each whiskey in the Flight Series using two to five barrels. Shaylyn Gammon, director of whiskey at Blue Run (and they are the first Blue Run whiskeys bearing Gammon's name), then personally chose and blended these barrels. By defining their own micro whiskeys as mixes made from at least two barrels but no more than five, Blue Run is attempting to clarify what exactly constitutes a small batch whiskey. The Flight Series is a direct response to the sometimes ambiguous term "small batch."

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