Crown Royal Whiskey

Crown Royal is the most popular Canadian whiskey in the US right now. Crown Royal whisky was created as a present for The Crown.

It was produced in 1939 for the visit of Queen Elizabeth of England and King George VI, but it was not until 1964 that it became widely available.

Since then, the brand has grown into one of Canada’s most recognized whiskies. The world-renowned alcoholic beverage conglomerate Diageo is its current owner.

How is Crown Royal made?

Gimli Distillery is the only place in Canada where you can get this unique flavor of whiskey.

Organic grains, which are only found in certain places, are used to their fullest potential in the distillery, where they are mixed with purified water. Overall, the distillation process benefits from a favorable climate.

When it comes to whiskey, Crown Royal is the culmination of several fantastic and premium brands coming together. To mature whiskeys properly, they must first be distilled and processed in a variety of custom-made receptacles.

All these stages together result in a flawless process. As a result, the traditional Crown Royal is both a high-end cocktail and a golden-yellow whiskey.

As soon as you take a sip, you will notice that it smells like fresh fruits and vanilla and tastes like sugary oak and vanilla.

A Brief History of Crown Royal

So what exactly did happen in 1939 and how did it end up with the birth of Crown Royal? It was King George VI and Queen Elizabeth that made a visit to Canada. This was an extremely big deal as they were the first reigning monarchs to make the trip. 

Samuel Bronfman wanted to come up with the perfect gift. He worked tirelessly to come up with the perfect blend of whisky.

But he took it a step further and came up with the iconic bottle and purple and gold bag. To this day Crown Royal is almost known as much for the purple bag as the smooth blended Canadian whisky inside.              

For a long while, Crown Royal was only available in Canada. Then in the 1960s, it went worldwide where it made a splash. Crown Royal had extreme success, especially in the United States where it is still the top-selling Canadian whisky brand.

Crown Royal is still produced in Canada under the umbrella of Diageo plc. Diageo is a British beverage company known for brands like Captain Morgan Rum, Ketel One Vodka, and Don Julio Tequila.    

So what’s in that fancy bottle and purple bag? It’s blended Canadian whisky. Crown Royal starts with grains almost solely from Canada.

These grains like corn, barley, and rye are combined in five different recipes, heated, fermented, and distilled. Once distilled the liquid is aged in charred oak barrels to develop a distinct character.

Once aged to perfection the whisky is then taken by the master blenders and blended until properly smooth and up to the Crown Royal standards. 

The result of all that aging and blending is a golden brown spirit that is approachable and smooth. Crown Royal is the best-selling Canadian whisky in America for a reason.

It’s not the cheapest but it’s not the most expensive. It will do the job straight up or mixed. It’s in that sweet spot for affordability and versatility. 

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