Elevated Excellence from Cristalino to Reserva 44 with Avión Tequila

You might be seeking for the ideal present to go with the crisp air and seasonal spice as autumn sets in and the holiday season draws near.

If you're looking for something that is both opulent and adventurous in equal measure—something to light a new fire inside of any sipping connoisseur—you should go toward the world of tequila. Conventional thinking might steer you toward the bourbons and brandies.

Even the most seasoned drinker will enjoy the rich flavors and depth of the best handmade tequilas. Few players in the game can compare to Avión in terms of flexibility and surprise.

The award-winning, single-origin tequila from Avión is made from agave plants that are grown at the highest altitudes in Mexico and is handcrafted using traditional methods to create a spirit with extraordinary complexity and clarity.

The strong, intensely flavored Reserva 44 and the bright, vivacious, and beautifully clear Cristalino are two luxury expressions that Avión offers, unlike the majority of winemakers who only offer one to highlight the pinnacles of their art.

The 44 and Cristalino are two sides of the same coin, each representing excellence in their own styles and the ideal gift for even the pickiest drinker.

Avión Reserva 44 Extra Añejo

Not just whisky and brandy makers are capable of creating an excellent, nuanced barrel-aged spirit. The warm, natural fruit and black pepper of the tequila entice the same delicate mysteries within the oak to open up wonderfully and seductively.

Every stage of the production of Avión Reserva 44 Extra Aejo, which honors this delicate union of oak and spirit, has been painstakingly planned and executed.
The 44 begins with agave that has been picked from the highest points in Mexico, where the mountainous terrain and temperate temperature allow for an extremely clean and fresh fruit.

After being harvested, the mountain agave's hearts are carefully roasted for three days in brick ovens, caramelizing their inherent sweetness and imparting a toasted smokiness to the ensuing mash prior to pot distillation and three whole years in American bourbon barrels.

The finest replacement bourbon barrels were used, and this meticulous attention to detail is a reflection of the time-tested and cherished processes used by the most renowned Scottish single malt whisky manufacturers, to which the 44 belongs.

As the baking spice flavors of the wood blend with the pepper spice of the agave, rich, delicious caramel and vanilla notes from the bourbon barrels are left behind.

The 44 will surprise and quickly win over ardent fans of long-aged scotch and bourbon, while cigar connoisseurs will find it to be an unrivaled complement to any robust, spicy smoke.

If that sounds like someone you want to buy for, the Reserva 44 is the only option.

Avión Reserva Cristalino

However, if the recipient of your kindness likes the happier, more upbeat side of things, Avión offers the ideal choice in the incredibly pure and crystal-clear Reserva Cristalino.

Contrary to popular assumption, the Cristalino is a skillfully made work of balance, approachability, and, yes, age. This goes against the notion that light or silver tequilas are only young or unaged showcases for the sharp, spicy, untamed spirit.

A well-aged, darker tequila with plenty of oaken richness and body is the foundation of the lately popular Cristalino style. The color is removed through filtering, leaving a deceptively translucent expression that is overflowing with flavor.

In order to achieve that return to complete clarity, Avión uses one of the whiskey industry's most cherished methods: charcoal filtering.

The Anejo tequila is blended with the Extra Anejo tequila, which has been matured for an additional year in barrels. The mixture is then put through a twofold charcoal filtration process, which brings the creamy, intensely delicious tequila back to its original clarity and gives it a surprising taste.

The end result is a tequila that flawlessly balances the rich, semi-sweet Aejo style and the more fruitier and more fresh silver flavor.
This makes it ideal for anyone who likes to drink tequila over ice with a twist.

The Cristalino's amazing adaptability makes it an unrivaled option for even the most daring mixologists. A premium margarita is expected. However, Cristalino's distinct flavors of citrus fruits from the tropics and its inherent minerality will also result in the Paloma of your dreams.

The Reserva Cristalino is probably the ideal addition to their toolkit if your list contains anyone who enjoys mixing the best or most distinctive cocktails and has a fully stocked bar.

Both of these opulent options are available in our Avión Collection, along with their entire selection of superb tequilas, from the conventional to the unheard-of.
Consider custom engraving the bottle for an even more one-of-a-kind and memorable present.

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