Find The Perfect Whiskey for Any Occasion

Autumn's arrival is accompanied by a plethora of delicious combinations.
Every year, the seasons change, often before they are officially recognized, and many people proclaim that this is the ideal time of year to drink whiskey.
There is certainly no scarcity of excellent whiskey to go with any occasion that pops up on your calendar. Here are our recommendations for the best American whiskeys, not just for the changing seasons but for any occasion that calls for celebration.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is a company that is creating its own heritage story and represents the distillation of creativity into whiskey. It didn't take long after their doors opened for business in 2012 for great whiskey to follow.

Rabbit Hole raises American whiskey to its proper position among the top alcoholic beverages in the world by developing creative bourbon expressions, each with their own distinct formula. With a variety of distinctive, rich, and nuanced bourbons, Rabbit Hole never ceases to demonstrate the importance of taste. Four Grain Triple Malt Bourbon with smooth notes of orange, honey, mint, and toasted grain, Cavehill is a courteous whiskey. Heigold, a High Rye Double Malt Bourbon with butterscotch and citrus bursts that entices the taste, is very seductive. Their outstanding array of bourbons is finished off by Dareringer. This wonderful whiskey, finished in Pedro Ximénez Sherry Casks imported from Spain, combines cherries, currants, raisins, almonds, and vanilla for a flavor that is incredibly alluring.

Whether you're having dinner with friends or coworkers, bringing a bottle of wine is a custom that dates back as far as history. We recently started bringing a bottle of whiskey instead, and the change couldn't be more well-liked. Rabbit Hole whiskeys are a simple and remarkable alternative to the customary bottle of wine provided at dinner parties, making them ideal for both newcomers to bourbon and seasoned enthusiasts. It is certain to make an impact thanks to a bottle that is as elegant and distinctive as the liquor itself.

Smooth Ambler

Smooth Ambler is located in the West Virginia countryside, just a short drive away.
Few distilleries have as many chapters in their contemporary tale as Smooth Ambler, which has a reputation for obtaining some of the best whiskey available.
They recently changed their perspective on whiskey and made the decision to take on their own distillation, and this is reflected in their bottle.

It's difficult not to discover anything alluring from Smooth Ambler with their variety of whiskeys that cover the gamut, including blended whiskey, rye whiskey, and bourbon whiskey. We really adore their brand-new Founder's line, which is a cask-strength reimagining of some of their earlier whiskey bestsellers. A Manhattan made with Smooth Ambler instead of your preferred rye is one of the safest bets if you want to try something new. 

But there's a problem that needs to be addressed. The elephant in the room that Smooth Ambler presents is an escape from an awkward discussion that has yet to take place. With their Contradiction expression, they provide their approach to combining bourbon mash bills, providing drinkers with access to a lovely fusion of high rye and wheated whiskey. Contradiction has a sweet, crisp bourbon aroma on the nose, with a touch of fire piercing through rich caramel and oak character on the palate – just like a fall afternoon. This flavor profile is similar to the meeting point of summer and fall.


To wrap up an ode to Bourbon, a trip back to Kentucky is only appropriate, and few whiskey-makers have as compelling a tale (or whiskey) as Jefferson.

Jefferson's Ocean, their most well-known and cutting-edge whiskey offering, is built on the company's "aged at sea" methodology. Other lesser-known businesses have taken note and are attempting the method as well. We are certainly paying closely to the results when wheated bourbon and rye were added to their usual bourbon mash bill at sea.

Beyond simply their ocean-going barrels, the Louisville-based bourbon company has a large inventory, which makes them one of the simplest to suggest.
It's challenging to make a mistake with such variety. Bourbon from Jefferson's Very Small Batch is a fantastic mixer and the ideal simple sipper. Complexity, sweetness, and a hint of salted caramel on the end are all brought by Aged At Sea Ocean Wheated. For those who enjoy wine, Jefferson's and Chappellet Winery collaborated to create Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask finish, which finishes their classic Reserve Bourbon mix in wine casks that had previously housed their renowned Cabernet Sauvignon. 

There is a whiskey for every occasion, despite the fact that the whiskey selection is extensive and occasionally easy to get lost in. You can't go wrong with a whiskey from one of the outstanding American Whiskey brands above, whether you're having a quiet night in, a roaring bonfire, or a hearty dinner party. Take our recommendation to swap out a bottle of red wine with a bottle of whiskey; it will be a success!

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