Heaven's Door Decade Series Release #01

The Decade Series, a selection of small batch sourced whiskeys all 10 years or older, has been introduced by Heaven's Door. The first offering is a 10-year-old Tennessee bourbon with a high rye content (22% rye), which is not charcoal-mellowed or chill-filtered. It is made from a batch of 290 barrels.

Although officially not a Tennessee whiskey due to the lack of charcoal mellowing, bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are quite similar in flavor and production methods. George Dickel 8 year old, which came in at No. 5, and Bib & Tucker 6 year old Small Batch, which came in at No. 14, both Tennessee bourbons that reached our 2021 Top 20 List both underwent the Lincoln County charcoal filtration process and scored 93 points apiece. Along with how it compares to those and other more typical Tennessee whiskeys, it will be intriguing to see what else Heaven's Door has in store for this ongoing series. According to the brand, this whiskey is completely different from the 10 year old Tennessee bourbon that Heaven's Door previously offered and received 89 points.

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