Holiday Gifts that Are Fun for Everyone on Your List

The hurried gift-buying has started. That indicates that the holiday season has begun, and you may have noticed that you are a little behind in the mad rush of purchasing. However, you're in luck because the amazing staff at LiquorMates has put together a list of holiday presents that are certain to satisfy the spirit connoisseur in your life. Just be warned that our outstanding gift bundles frequently sell out quickly!


Angel’s Envy Bourbon

One of the best Kentucky bourbons we've ever tried is Angels Envy, which is aged in port wine barrels and has aromas of vanilla and woodland berries with a thick, dark chocolate finish. This artisan bourbon is of the finest caliber since hand mixing only eight to twelve barrels at a time has returned.

Patrón Añejo

During the holiday season, it's time to turn up the class. Live out your fantasies of pouring tequila from your crystal decanter like you've been transported back to the 1930s as a dapper gentleman or graceful lady.

Patron Anejo has been the after-dinner drink of choice for millions worldwide, and we’re sure the tequila lover in your life will agree. Its extended aging process using oak barrels leaves the spirit with a sweeter flavor profile, which means it pairs brilliantly with dessert, and thanks to your new stacking decanter, that signature smoky sweetness is never far away.

Côte des Roses Rosé

Everyone enjoys receiving flowers, but do you know what is even more delightful than a rose bouquet? From the legendary Gerard Bertrand, this rosé is delightful, fresh, and fruity.

The greatest of the Mediterranean spirit is honored by the Côte des Roses Rosé.
The grapes are grown at a high altitude in the center of the Languedoc appellation, which helps them keep their freshness while continuing to ripen.

The bottle is what makes The Côte des Roses Rosé such a great holiday present.
Each bottle features a lovely and distinctive rose design that was created by a developing young artist from the esteemed French fine art school École Boulle.

We advise purchasing three or more bottles to create an outstanding bouquet of Rosés as the ideal present for someone you may have a more sentimental affinity to.

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