Holyrood Distillery launches Rum Union

Edinburgh spirits producer Holyrood Distillery has released a new blended rum, called Rum Union.

The rum combines the profiles of three 'non-traditional' rum-producing countries: the Philippines, Vietnam and Ghana. The name Union Rum references the marrying of rums from different producers and places. The liquid is made with sugarcane juice harvested from Vietnam, which creates a highly aromatic and floral rum post-distillation. It has been blended with a pot still rum from Ghana and a molasses-based rum from the Philippines. The rum has been made without additional colourings, flavours or additives, and is non-chill-filtered. Holyrood said this results in aromas of overripe bananas with hints of nutty maple breakfast and incense, while juicy and spicy notes can be detected on the palate along with wood spice, citrus and stone fruits running through the centre. Nick Ravenhall, managing director of Holyrood Distillery, commented: We are working with rum in order to push ourselves as whisky makers. “Rum asks challenging questions on raw material and fermentation,  questions that don't get asked in single malt whisky production. We are greatly inspired by the rum makers and that is why Holyrood is on this journey, to learn more and push ourselves further.” The rum is sold in 700ml bottles priced at RRP £39.99 (US$46.29). It is currently available to buy on the Holyrood Distillery website. In March 2022, the distillery released a series of cask rums, known collectively as Elizabeth Yard, which explored different maturation techniques and wood types. Five expressions from the series were awarded with Master medals at The Rum & Cachaça Masters 2022. In July, Holyrood Distillery expanded its portfolio of juniper-forward gins with the release of its Bright and Heavy expressions.

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