Lagavulin Offerman Edition: 11 year old Charred Oak Cask

The third limited-edition whisky created by Lagavulin with actor Nick Offerman is matured in casks made of American and European wood that have been substantially re-charred. It is intended to be the ideal accompaniment to a medium-rare steak.

The long-running partnership with Lagavulin dates back to Offerman's Ron Swanson in "Parks & Recreation." According to Offerman, Mike Schur, the creator of "Parks & Rec," was a devotee of Lagavulin at the time. To Offerman's pleasure, Schur chose Lagavulin when Swanson was supposed to pull out a bottle of scotch in accordance with the script. This new film mixes Offerman's love of wood, his proficiency with a saw, and his appetite for red meat, much like Swanson does. The 11-year-old Guinness cask-finished whiskey from last year's Offerman Edition was so endearing and expertly crafted that we selected it the whiskey of the year for 2021. Offerman and Lagavulin have returned with a larger production and a whisky that will undoubtedly put smoke and wood in the spotlight.

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