Mayajules debuts artisanal mezcal

Artisanal mezcal brand Mayajules is to launch in the UK in September to redefine 'the concept of luxury' and celebrate 'the sensuality of women'.

The brand, which debuted in Ibiza in June, hopes to empower Mexican women and their communities while adhering to artisanal, sustainable and socially-conscious practices, and promoting social justice and women's rights. Produced in Oaxaca, Mayajules Mezcal Divino has been inspired by Mayahuel, the goddess of agave and fertility, and Ehecatl, the god of wind. Spanish actress Rossy de Palma has served as the muse for Mayajules, acting as the ‘embodiment of the multifaceted, fierce and independent Mayajules woman’. She also occupies the role of brand ambassador for the mezcal, and will help the brand gain visibility through many aspects of her professional life. “I’ve only the deepest admiration for the great work that the mezcaleras are doing in Oaxaca alongside the communities they lead,” de Palma commented. “They are the custodians of a wealth of knowledge and they are the ones doing the day to day work. “My contribution (and I see it more as a duty, not a responsibility) is to let the world know about their resilience, their respect of the natural world and the deep knowledge that they are guardians of.” Mayajules is made by master mezcaleras Felicitas ‘Licha’ Hernandez and Victoria Rodrigues Bautista. Hernandez hails from the venerated Velasco family ‘Palenque’ (mezcal workshop) in San Luis del Rio, which is known for its expertise in Tobala, the ‘female incarnation’ of agave, which has a 12 year maturation cycle. Bautista comes from a line of mezcal producers, and learnt her craft from her maternal grandfather. She is the keeper of her family’s tradition of harvesting Tobasiche, a wild agave that takes up to 13 years to mature. The mezcal is made with a unique blend of 81% sustainably-farmed Espadin agave, alongside 15% foraged Tobalá and 4% Tobasiche. The spirit offers warm notes of caramel and tropical fruits on the nose, with accents of kiwi, green plums and apple. On the palate there is said to be hints of coriander blossoms, butter and orange peel. It is recommended served neat at room temperature from a traditional copita. The brand has also curated a selection of hero serves for the spirit, including the Divina cocktail made with 37.5ml Mayajules, 22.5ml Carpano Dry vermouth, 7.5ml St. Germain and 2 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitter, stirred down over ice and strained into a chilled coupette. The spirit is presented in a 700ml square bottle which features a bespoke, engraved closure depicting the goddess Mayahuel, inspired by de Palma’s profile. A friendship bracelet made with cactus leather featuring a stone amulet is wound around the neck of the bottle. Mayajules is bottled at 45% ABV and available from For International Woman's Day, we shone a spotlight on the women who have launched their own spirit brands.

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