Nigel Farage releases Brexit-inspired gin

Former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage has released a trio of gins said to offer ‘a taste of Brexit’.

Farage Gin is offered in three artisan expressions, each named for their distinct colouring. The Red, White and Blue gins are said to be Farage’s ‘patriotic take on the quintessentially British drink'. In the product launch video, titled Farage Gin: A taste of Brexit, the former MP explained that the series was “developed by a couple, literally in their garden shed in Cornwall, using Cornish spring water". However, many Cornish spirits producers have taken to social media to deny any involvement in the gin's production, including Tarquin's Cornish Gin, which tweeted: "It’s not us. We distill our own Tarquin’s Gin only." In the video, Farage goes on to offer serving suggestions for his gins, proposing a rhubarb and raspberry tonic for the Red expression, while a Mediterranean tonic is recommended paired with the Blue. Kentish cherries have been used to give the Red expression its colour, while the Blue expression has been coloured using gardenia flowers. The White gin is a clear spirit, and offers notes of liquorice. In an interview with The Express, Farage promised he would be sending a gift-wrapped bottle to Jean-Claude Juncker, the former president of the European Commission, "just in time for Christmas". “Jean-Claude was a pleasant human being, despite the fact he didn’t agree with my position. He deserves a bottle and one will be on its way to Luxembourg. “I hope when people give this as a present to Brexiteers it brings a big smile. And if it’s given to Remainers...well, I hope it makes the family laugh.” All three gins rest at 42% ABV and are presented in 700ml bottles. The labels feature a picture of the eponymous founder on a beach with his pet Labrador. It presents a stamp stating it is a ‘product of England’ and ‘bottled by hand’. Each bottle is priced at RRP £40 (US$45.76). Click below to watch the promotional video.

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