Plantation Rum debuts Guyana 2007

Maison Ferrand has released a limited edition Plantation rum bottling called Guyana 2007.

The rum is the fourth bottling in the Under the Sea Vintage collection No 2, and features a blend of rums produced in column and pot stills, plus liquids aged in both Guyana and France. The launch follows previous releases: Panama, Jamaica and Fiji. The double-aged Guyana 2007 celebrates marine animals native to traditional rum regions. It was matured for 13 years in ex-Bourbon casks. The expression is the result of one-week fermentations that were distilled in three historic stills: the Port Mourant double wooden pot still, the French Savalle four-column metal still and the Enmore Wooden Coffey still. Further depth was added through the double ageing process, which saw the liquid transferred to French oak casks to finish in Javrezac, France, for two years following its initial 13-year ageing stint. Guyana 2007 was made in collaboration with Alexandre Gabriel, owner and master blender of Plantation Rum. Guyana 2007 delivers aromas of cocoa, almond and banana on the nose, and opens up to orange, caramel and tobacco on the palate, with a long, spicy finish. The rum is a bottled at 51% ABV, and retails for £72.95 (US$80.83) per 700ml. The brand recently unveiled its Barbados 2015 Ukraine Charity Bottling, with proceeds donated to Budmo UA, a charity run by members of the hospitality industry in Ukraine that delivers meals to those in need across the country.

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