Teeling 32 year old Purple Muscat Finish

The inaugural offering from Teeling Whiskey's Very Rare Casks collection has been announced: A purple muscat barrel was used to complete a 32-year-old single malt for four years.

While Teeling Distillery in Dublin is becoming well-known for its single pot still whiskeys, the great-aged Teeling single malts are descended from John Teeling, who ran Cooley Distillery from 1987 to 2012. John Teeling is the father of Teeling founder Jack Teeling. Alex Chasko, a master distiller who worked at both distilleries, chose to finish this single malt that was made in 1990 for four years in a Portuguese purple muscat cask. The grapes for this fortified wine are typically grown in Portugal's Setbal and Douro regions. Although Teeling has previously used muscat casks for its Revival series, this is the first time they have been to Portugal to obtain this particular muscat cask variety. Chasko discovered his ideal toasted French oak purple muscat cask in the Setbal region.

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