The 2022 Edition of Angel's Envy, the 2022–03 "Kentucky Tea Batch,"

There are many limited releases of new whiskies coming out this week in front of the holidays. Booker's has released its third whiskey of 2022, Angel's Envy has released the 11th iteration of its cask strength port wine barrel-finished straight bourbon, and Balvenie has added three new rarefied single malts to its Stories collection.

The 11th release in the Angel's Envy Cask Strength series is completed in port wine barrels, same like its predecessors.

Until now, Cask Strength has consistently received high ratings from our reviewers; with the exception of the 2016 release, every iteration since 2015 has received 90 or more points, and the 2020 version received 94 points.
The distillery gradually raised the amount of Cask Strength bottles it offered each year, eventually reaching the current total of 16,980 bottles in circulation nationwide (to put it in perspective, when the program started in 2012 there were just 600 bottles for two states).

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