Unforgettable Scotch Whisky Gifts to Celebrate with this Holiday Season

The Macallan Classic Cut

The Macallan is rightfully one of the most storied Scotch whisky brands. From its place in restaurants, lounges, and business halls worldwide to its appearances alongside James Bond 007, there’s no lack of provenance and history behind one of Scotland’s best-known brands.

Incorporating a range of casks from American Oak to exotic Spanish Sherry, Macallan is known for its sweet, approachable character and complexity. Macallan's Classic Cut is a newer face to the brand’s portfolio and brings some additional sherry character and a bump in proof. Perfect for a neat pour, with the spine and flavor to hold up to ice, there’s no better “one size fits all” Scotch than Macallan Classic Cut this winter.

The Glenlivet 18 Year Old

The Glenlivet remains one of Speyside’s most famous names when it comes to Scotch whisky. Nestled in the North East region of Scotland, Glenlivet has nearly unparalleled access to the clean, crisp waters of the River Spey. Glenlivet's 18 year old expression is a notable embodiment of the great pursuit of whisky — the crossroads of quality, affordability, and obtainability. This single malt manages to nail all three and makes for a lovely vanilla-filled, apple and pear laced, sweet and buttery pour that’s easy to drink no matter the occasion.

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