Woodford Reserve Batch Proof

The 2022 batch of Batch Proof, part of Woodford Reserve's yearly Master's Collection series, has a somewhat lower alcohol by volume (ABV) than prior batches. Chris Morris, the master distiller, attributes that to the batch's increased proportion of barrels from the first floors of their heat-cycled warehouses.
According to Morris, barrels at that elevation typically produce a lesser proof because the angels' part is lower.

Our 2019 Top 20 list ranked Woodford Reserve Batch Proof at No. 6, receiving 94 points. It once again scored 94 points in 2020, demonstrating excellent stability from year to year. We would still anticipate a big, full-flavored whiskey even though the ABV of the 2022 release is a few percentage points lower than when it was previously in the low to mid 60s.

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