Blue Run Emerald

Emerald Rye was produced from three distinct mashbills with varied amounts of rye and aged in two locations, Bardstown and Frankfort, which are more than 50 miles apart. It was the second rye from Blue Run and the first distilled by Jim Rutledge at Castle & Key Distillery. When creating this whiskey from 189 barrels, whiskey director Shaylyn Gammon had a wide range of blending possibilities.
Emerald Rye, the follow-up to Golden Rye, is also Blue Run's first rye offering to be barrel proof bottled.

Blue Run, which hired former Four Roses master distiller and member of the bourbon hall of fame Rutledge to lead distillation, has quickly gained recognition.
Our tasting panel gave the whiskeys high marks, with Golden Rye receiving 90 points. Emerald is released on the market at a somewhat higher price and is bottled at a substantially higher proof than before.

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