Simple Cocktails for Game Day at Your Next Tailgate

Simple yet beautiful fall customs include apple orchards, pumpkin farms, and the start of the Christmas season. Oh, and don't forget our favorite fall activity: gathering with friends and family in the parking lot of a festival or other outdoor gathering to enjoy a cool adult beverage.

If you're a fan of live music or sports, tailgating in the fall is a must. Before a collegiate football game between Princeton and Rutgers in 1869, people gathered to cook sausages at the "tail end" of a horse, according to the American Tailgater Association. Even though tailgating has changed over the years, the tradition has not changed. It's a chance to enjoy grilled cuisine and beverages in a seasonal setting while interacting with your favorite folks.

This football season, if you're intending to tailgate with friends and family, you already know what will be in the communal cooler. The quick and easy options include domestic beers, hard seltzers, and canned wine, of course!
We don't mind if you don't enjoy beer or other sparkling drinks, though.
In order to provide you with some alternatives for your get-togethers as tailgate season gets underway, we've compiled a list of our favorite cocktail recipes.

Tailgate Cocktails with Two and Three Ingredients

The tailgate is the get-together with your group before the event. Although it's a lively event, it's also very informal. Even though we at Liquor Mates enjoy a well-balanced and complicated cocktail, we understand that a tailgate is probably not the best occasion to whip out your jigger and Boston Shaker.

We gathered several traditional two- and three-ingredient cocktails that you can easily create at a tailgate event or from the comfort of your kitchen to celebrate the laid-back nature of the tailgate. Your spirit, mixers, ice, and a glass are all you'll need (or classic red cup). For your convenience, we've divided up our options into categories based on spirits, and we've also included a cocktail recipe recommendation from our Cocktail Lounge.


Because brandy is made by distilling wine or fermented fruit juice, it has a flowery, tangy, and full-bodied flavor. Even though ardent brandy lovers frequently use it as an after-meal digestif, it is a versatile spirit that can be sipped neat, at room temperature, or mixed with fruit juice. Orange juice and ginger ale are typical mixers that bring out the sweet and fruity flavor of brandy. Even while many brandy cocktails call for more than three ingredients, brandy enthusiasts recommend combining it with cola, lemonade, or even champagne for a quick cocktail.


The majority of the taste in gin comes from juniper berries, which are turned into gin by distilling them with a grain basis. Gin drinkers describe it as having a flowery, sweet, and earthy flavor. Gin is the perfect beverage for a tailgate because of its more floral-forward composition, which fits into light and refreshing beverages. The Gin and Tonic is the most well-known gin cocktail (gin, tonic, lemon and lime juice). Other well-liked mixers, though, include ginger beer, flavored seltzer (alcoholic or not), and grapefruit juice. 


Rum is a spirit that is made by distilling sugar, then it is aged in oak barrels to give it a sweet flavor. Rum drinkers describe it as tropical, filled with spice, warmth, and complexity. Making a rum cocktail may let you escape to a summer day this season when you're tailgating on a chilly day and longing for warmth. The Rum and Coke (rum and cola) and the Dark 'N' Stormy are two well-known rum drinks (rum and ginger beer). Rum is frequently served with an acidic fruit juice, like as pineapple or orange, but it's also frequently combined with sodas like Cola, tonic water, and ginger beer.


Blanco, aejo, and reposado are the three varieties of tequila that are produced by distilling the blue agave plant. Tequila connoisseurs describe the aroma as sweet and the flavor as lemony and spicy, albeit it depends on the variety you choose.
All three can be served neat at room temperature, but you'll usually see them blended or poured over ice. Tequila would be the ideal alcohol choice at the tailgate if you're in the mood for a strong cocktail with some bite. The juices of lime, grapefruit, orange, or pineapple go nicely with every variety of tequila. Regular tequila drinkers frequently combine it with club soda, mineral water, or Bloody Mary mix.


Vodka is a distilled beverage derived from potatoes, which are everyone's favorite vegetable! Vodka users claim it to be creamy and smooth with a long aftertaste, despite the fact that this unusual spirit is frequently regarded as tasteless and odorless. Despite having a slight flavor, vodka is a great choice for the tailgate because of its adaptability. Juice seems good to you right now.
Try a Cape Codder or a Screwdriver (vodka and orange) (vodka and cranberry juice). Do you yearn for something cool? You can make a vodka soda by mixing it with club soda, or you can use your preferred flavor of seltzer water. For the tailgate, there are various flavored and infused vodkas that are delectable and potent.


The multifaceted distilled spirit known as whiskey, often known as whisky, is created from fermented grain mash. American whiskey is divided into six categories, each with a unique flavor profile. We'll just concentrate on bourbon whiskey cocktails for your tailgate because there is so much variation available.
Typically, bourbon is served neat or with a few drops of water. To truly appreciate the charred oak taste characteristic of this grain-forward spirit at the tailgate, we suggest sipping it on the rocks. The Summer Cooler, Bourbon and Coke (bourbon and cola), and Bourbon Buck (bourbon and ginger ale) are the most well-liked drinks (bourbon and ginger beer). Even though bourbon purists like to drink it neat, it goes nicely with sweet tea, lemonade,

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