Starward Octave Barrels

Starward Octave Barrels are a unique cask finishing technique used by Starward Distillery in Australia. Octave barrels are small barrels, approximately one-eighth the size of a standard barrel, which are used to age the distillery's whisky for an additional period of time. This process imparts additional flavors and complexity to the whisky, resulting in a rich and nuanced spirit.

The use of octave barrels is not common in the whisky industry, and is one of the ways in which Starward Distillery sets itself apart from other distilleries. In addition to octave barrels, the distillery also uses a variety of other techniques, including the use of red wine barrels and onsite maturation in their own warehouses, to create unique and innovative whiskies.

Overall, the use of octave barrels by Starward Distillery adds an additional layer of depth and complexity to their whiskies, making them a great choice for whisky enthusiasts who appreciate bold and unique flavors.

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