The Witch’s Heart


Witch, please! This shimmering Halloween drink is enough to knock any sorceress off her broomstick. You can use Viniq or make your own homemade shimmery liqueur to create this divine cocktail. And the secret to the smoke? Powdered dry ice!


Blackberry shimmery liqueur (will make about 1 cup)

  • 1 cup vodka
  • 6 blackberries Fresh or frozen is fine
  • 4 tsbp simple syrup
  •  tsp purple or pearl luster dust

Cocktail (for one)

  • 1 jigger apple brandy or apple vodka chilled
  • 2 jiggers (or to top up) Homemade Blackberry Shimmery Liqueur chilled
  • 1 tsp grenadine
  • Powdered dry ice optional
  • Martini glass to serve

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